Energy fields

  • Co-generation System

    Natural gas has one of the lowest CO2 emission values of all fossil fuels. With its well-developed supply system, this natural resource has an enormous potential to increase efficiency in the energy sector. Highly profitable energy generation with ALKIA natural gas CHP plants gives you electricity, heat and saves money. Thanks to ALKIA’s advanced co-/and tri-generation technologies, our natural gas CHP plants are able to achieve an ...

  • Biogas

    ALKIA’s modern technologies take advantage of the fermentation process in natural biodegradable materials to generate energy using a fuel that is both efficient and environmentally sound: biogas. The mixture of methane and carbon dioxide provides aprox. 5.5KWh/m3 and offers a clean alternative to fossil fuels. Also treatment of waste water and digestion of sewage sludge produces sewage gas containing methane. We utilise ...

  • Landfill gas

    Controlled gas collection, profitable energy utilisation. The safe collection and disposal of landfill gas is a sensitive topic. Released uncontrolled, it represents a health hazard and a danger to the environment. Used wisely, the fuel can be converted into an energy resource. We design and treat landfill gas mixtures and make them useable. We design profitable plants specially equipped for the application in this ...

  • Biomass (SYNGAS)

    The syngas is a synthetic gas, which is produced by biomass, it is also called “wood gas”. Also syngas is produced by plastics, coal and waste. Utilising syngas as a fuel can be designed in a Co‐generation configuration in order to get heat for the process and power.  

  • Coal mine gas

    The release of mine gas is an unwanted side effect of coal mining. Not disposed of properly, the methane mixture contributes to global warming. In addition, the explosive mixture represents a safety hazard as well. CHP coal mine gas plants are a safe way to generate electricity and heat, even with extreme fluctuations in the quality and quantity of the natural coal ...

  • ORC SYSTEMS Organic Rankine Cycle

    The Rankine Cycle is a thermodynamic cycle which converts residual heat from the Industry or from the CHP heat into work, in this case, it is possible to get electricity. The heat is supplied externally to a closed loop, which usually uses water as working fluid.  

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